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EA Brings Battleship To iPad With Super Weapons $2.99

EA Brings Battleship To iPad With Super Weapons

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BATTLESHIP for iPad, by Electronic Arts (available separately for iPhone) is a classic board game ported to the iPad, having been available for iPhone for a while now, and EA added new and exciting game modes for all ages to play.

Standard Battle Board.The original Battleship mode, like the classic board game, consists of five ships that are floating on a grid. Every turn a player gets one shot to try and hit the enemy ships, and then it is the enemy’s turn. This process repeats until all of one player’s ships are destroyed.

That board game version is called classic mode – there are two others, Salvo and Super Weapons.

Salvo is like classic mode, but instead of one shot you get the number of shots equal to your current number of ships. In this game if you lose a ship you go from your starting number, which is five ships and five shots, you then end up at four ships and four shots etc.

In Super Weapons you have your basic attack, and in addition tons of extra assault options. Air Strike gives gamers three vertical shots spaced out from each other by one and Chain Gun hits five spots in a horizontal row. Decoy places a fake ship on the board, and Supernova instantly kills any ship it hits.

Sinking of a carrier.There are also shields, reinforcements, frag and cherry bombs, a “Sky Sword”, sea mines and more. These upgrades can be unlocked by sinking ships or by performing a certain tasks, like winning without losing a ship, or hitting all of your enemies boats in one turn.

Exclusive to the iPad edition is an awesome multiplayer mode to play head-to-head on a single pad, just like playing the board game. Or compete with iPhone and iPad players via wifi and Bluetooth.

There are some problems like the controls are a pain – there’s just to much to tap and read, I want to fire when ready. And, even though the game looks really sweet all the animations take time I’d rather be playing. They are great, just too many. Maybe if you could toggle the animations on and off it would help.

This game is great; it adds some cool twists to a childhood classic. I personally enjoy almost any game that requires strategy so this was always a hit with me, and with extra weapons add to the strategy. If you love the classic, you’ll love BATTLESHIP for iPad too.

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  1. winning would be epic!

    • yeah we won’t be giving out a lot of EA games, lol, so grab while the grabbing’s good ;)

  2. yes please!

  3. I’d love this for my son -he loves battleship !!

  4. This looks real neat….Thanks!

  5. I would love this for my 12 year old son, who loves anything military!!!

  6. so cool!

  7. I’m in but don’t do that twitter crap

  8. This is the best gift someone can receive! Hope I can win a copy!

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  9. Wow!game of the generals!love to own this game!

  10. This was my favorite game as a kid, but my parents wouldn’t buy it for me. Always had to go to a friends house to play! Love my ipad and love this game! Really takes me back…

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