Haunted Domains HD For iPad Is Spooktacular

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 In  the new time management game Haunted Domains HD for iPad (sold separately for iPhone $1.99) by Alawar Games, Sheila is a young woman who receives a mysterious call from her grandfather in the dead of night. He has a job for her, but she needs to report right away. In the middle of the night. 

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When she arrives to her new job, none other than Count Dracula greets her at the door. 

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In true Dracula style, he transforms her dog into a walking treasure chest. Sheila needs to impress Dracula by becoming the best hotel manager in the world, which will release her dog from the. 

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Haunted Domains has arcade graphics sure to thrill but the game is time management. As Sheila, gamers must cater to the needs of the various guests that enter the hotel. Deliver luggage, serve food, fetch books, check guests out, and clean rooms are some of the numerous tasks must be successful;;y – and speedily –  completed in order to level up.

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But, be warned guests will become increasingly dissatisfied if Sheila does not attend to their demands promptly. The more dissatisfied they become, the less of a tip Sheila will receive. 

Matching guests by the color of the hotel room to the color of their garb will earn bonus points. Effectively managing and queuing up the appropriate tasks is at the heart and haunted soul of this game. 

Sheila’s movement is handled by the game’s GUI. Simply give the destination or item needed a tap and she will move fluidly to the necessary destination. While it’s important to note that touch sensitivity is not as accurate on the iPhone or iPod touch, it seems to work better on the iPad’s larger screen. 

Make a goof? No problem. Sheila will make a noise to indicate that is the wrong task. Unfortunately, this wastes precious time.

As if handling guests wasn’t enough, the hotel is in disrepair. By using coins earned from catering to the guests’ needs, gamers can upgrade the interior space of the hotel. Stars earned while in gameplay allows gamers to upgrade the exterior of the hotel. By beautifying the hotel in and out, more prestigious guests will appear.

Elements within the hotel can be upgraded as well. From Sheila’s shoes, which will make her faster, to her treasure chest dog, which will hold more items. 

Sheila gets transferred to a new hotel every ten levels. This mixes things up a notch. Gamers never are able to get too cozy with the pace of the game, or get into a rhythm as there is always something that will change. This makes for a truly engaging, heart-palpitating gaming experience. 

Haunted Domains HD for iPad by Alawar Games features exciting time management gameplay, a solid interface that plays well on the iPad 2, and seeming endless tasks. Gamers definitely can give their fingers a good workout while trying to balance all of the tasks, and the seasonal theme is a treat as well. 


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