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Pop, Drop, And Roll With Aiko Island $1.99

Pop, Drop, And Roll With Aiko Island

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Players who enjoy physics based puzzler games will want to check out Aiko Island HD by IceFlame LTD (sold separately for iPhone $.99). This game is filled with aspects of many of the popular physics games on the market, but it’s tied together to make an interesting and challenging game for players.

The object of the game is to rid each level of the evil, cookie stealing red Aiko without losing any of the blue Aiko on the screen. Players do this by popping the red Aiko, smashing them, or blasting objects to roll the red Aiko off the screen.

Once a level is cleared successfully, the stolen cookies are returned to the blue Aiko. Aiko Island has 125 levels that will challenge the physics minded puzzler. Each level gets increasingly difficult and the challenges never repeat. Gamers can continue to repeat levels until cleared successfully –which is important because some of them are hard to figure out the first few times of trying!

Aiko Island uses simple, but effective, one-touch controls allowing players to focus on the strategy instead of where and what they need to touch in order to play the game. The music is a decent level that allows the player to hear it but not be distracted by it. 

Although I’m not a huge gamer, this game had me coming back for more. I would get frustrated with a level but refused to give up until I passed the challenge.

One of the best parts of Aiko Island HD is that levels open up with a certain number of cookies collected occasionally causing more than one level to open at a time. Which means, if a player becomes too frustrated with a level, then can choose another one to play. Games like Aiko Island HD seem unassuming with the cute furry characters, but the challenge held within make players want to go back again.


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