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Math Flyer: Graphing Simplified For Students And Teachers $0.99

Math Flyer: Graphing Simplified For Students And Teachers

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Math Flyer
(universal)  by Shodor is more than just another graphing tool. It is an essential app to have for teachers and students alike. 

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If polynomials, variables, sine, cosine, tangents and rates of change mean nothing, when they should, this is the app to buy. For highschool or college students or teachers, this is a ideal way to demonstrate abstract concepts and interact with them in a dynamic way.

Functions, for algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus can be difficult for many students to grasp. Graphs help by providing pictorial representations and Math Flyer graphs can make the concepts clearer stillTypically, graphs are presented on a static page. With this app, students are able to interact with graphs and the functions they represent in an intuitive manner.  

The interface is simple to use. Sliders allow students to change the variables on the graph without making the process complicated. Math Flyer supports 28 different functions and users can input additional functions manually. Comprehensive help is available in the app – for teachers there are even suggested lesson plans.

Users can easily modify the graphs by adding or removing variables.  The sliders that on either side of the screen control the variables. Functions can be viewed with fractions or decimals using the app’s iterated conversion tools.

Math Flyer supports pinch-to-zoom, which is great for students to focus on one specific area and the changes therein. Favorite functions can be saved for easy access. The full list of supported functions can be found in the app description.

There are a ton of advanced features in Math Flyer. For teachers, the app is a great way to introduce a topic, or show students functions in a visually dynamic way. The app even  allows users to save their results to the camera roll, which can then be sent to teachers for evaluation. 

Math Flyer is a great tool for high school and college students and teachers alike. With an easy-to-use interface, endless functions, and gesture support, it’s a great tool for making math not only easier to understand, but also fun.


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