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Editor’s note: The game has not been released for Android – we apologize for any confusion.

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iTunes icon for this gameBattle Nations (universal) seamlessly combines time management with war strategy and builds on the success of Z2Live‘s previous hit Trade NationsThis free game is available for iPhone and iPod touch.

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A view of the outpost early in a level

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Battle Nations is a strategy game aimed at hardcore gamers in which players embark on a single player mode or play while having the option to play multiplayer during the progression of the single player mode.  

Multiplayer is built into the single player aspect with players able to choose to join forces with friends or battle them by disrupting supply lines or attacking their outposts. While there is plenty of premium downloadable content available, namely ‘nanopods’ which speed up purchases, players who do not spend a single cent will still find the game just as enjoyable, if a little longer.

Battle Nations thrusts the player in as Commander of the elite Imperial armed forces, and begins with an introduction to the battle screen. The setting is a standard strategy game arrangement, upon which the player places their chosen soldiers for the battle.

Battle Nations Battle Scene With Characters

The action is turn based, and requires a good amount of forward thinking and early planning. Certain soldiers have strengths and weaknesses and can only use their attack a certain number of times, so choosing the best time to use each soldier and trying to pre-empt the opponents attack are the keys to victory.

The other part of the game is the outpost view, where all support buildings and resource harvesters are built. From here players can build up their outpost or revive fallen soldiers in specially built hospitals. Tasks are also found here, and are mandatory for progressing in the game.  Achievements can also be unlocked during both battles and normal play, and can earn a player extra resources.

The outpost view is also the best example of the game’s solid graphics. Realistic looking clouds drift across the tundra, and the world must be explored fully to find any hidden treasures, weapons, outposts, enemies or resources.

Battle Nations Landscape

While the the game is very pleasing, there are problems. The outpost view can be annoying when trying to place buildings as the touch system is sometimes inaccurate. The game is also only playable with an internet connection. For players with carriers whose reception can sometimes drop out and want to play on the move, the game will stop and start intermittently, and with long load screens, this can be both annoying and problematic.

Overall, Battle Nations is a solid pick for gamers looking for a long term game which has both strategy and time management. The gameplay is exciting, and the time management aspect of the game forces the player to come back again and again. It should however, be avoided for players who wish to play on the move and do not have reliable internet coverage.

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