BallAHolic Immerses iOS Gamers Into Gyroscopic WonderWorld

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I’d like to introduce the masses to BallAHolic (also available for iPad) by A Local Chaos Project and UBERHERO, the game’s leading man. Like most Hollywood stars, he’s tall, dark and has all the right moves. Seriously, this guy rocks the socks off any unsuspecting lady walking by. I think I’m painting a pretty good picture here. The guy is solid gold and ladies love him. He’s now going to be refereed to as L.L. Cool U. 

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Unfortunately, his showmanship has him in a bit of a pickle. His Uberscientists made a super secret weeping to take out the bad guy once and for all and UBERHERO accidentally zapped himself, which in turn sucked him into the weapon. Now, it’s up to the gamer to get in the action, become a hero in their own right and save the ultimate UBERHERO from the clutches of the weapon that will eventually save the world.

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Enough backstory, it’s time to discuss the gameplay. There are three ways to navigate the little worm like creature throughout the microbe world, including swiping across the scree to rotate, tilting to move around and the 360-body-control where the gamer gets up and turns their body all around with the control. It’s basically a modified version of the tilt.

The goal of the game is to rotate, tilt and swipe the character through 59 stunningly designed levels, which are balls, to the end of the road. Fastest time is rewarded with points and up to three stars. As the levels progress, there will be obstacles in his way such as turning off shields to be able to pass through to the end. And there are diabolical creatures with nothing better to do than make the gamer’s life a living hell.

Let me be clear. This game is very challenging and brings the player into a true 3D world where a twist or turn of the phone will steer them in unwanted directions. The controls are touchy. Because of this, it is very important to test out a level or two to get the hang of the game. But again, getting the hang of it is difficult. I found myself walking, lifting, tweaking, turning, sitting and hopping on one leg to get my little hero to go where it need to.

The game is set in a fantastic world of color, 3D graphics, new ambient occlusion lighting system and is the ultimate gyroscopic controlled game that will have the gamer cursing it and loving it. BallAHolic is addictive. And worth the money.


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