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Frugal Holiday Shopping Guide – 10 Free iPhone & iPad Apps To Make Shopping On A Budget Easy And Fun

Frugal Holiday Shopping Guide – 10 Free iPhone & iPad Apps To Make Shopping On A Budget Easy And Fun

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Since the holidays are steadily approaching, it is time to work on completing our shopping lists, which is scary in a time of global financial crises. Shopping during the holiday season does not have to be a nightmare or break the bank. There are many iPhone and iPad apps that can bring the fun back into holiday shopping, even for those on a strict budget. Today, as part of AppTudes Holiday App List Series, we look at the top-10 completely free apps to make the whole thing painless – well almost anyway. Happy holiday shopping! If we missed your favorite, please leave us a note in the comments.

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Bakado - Barcode Scanner and QR Bar Code Reader

Download Bakado Here 

 By Dedoware Inc.

iPhone/iPod touch with camera only – FREE

Finding the best prices and products this holiday season is necessary for shoppers who are on a budget. With Bakodo on their iPhones shoppers can scan almost anything that has a barcode. Bakado is different from other barcode scanning apps because it allows users to post products on their Facebook wall so friends can leave comments and rate the product. The app also shows reviews, pulls up prices from other websites and can search for products using keywords. Just think, you can be in one store and find a better deal while waiting in the checkout line!


Download Target Here

Download Target for iPad Here

by Target – FREE

Target is not only considered upscale compared to Wal-Mart, while still offering deep discounts, their app is preferred too. The Target iOS apps allow seasonal spenders on a  budget to shop at any Target store. The app sends daily deals straight to the iPhone, locates the nearest store and keeps track of things with TargetLists. The best aspect about this app is that it also has a scanner feature, so holiday shoppers can use their iPhone camera to scan UPC barcodes and QR codes to see if Target really has the best deals around.

Key Ring Rewards Cards

Download Key Ring Here

By Mobestream Media

 iPhone/iPod touch only – FREE


Key Ring Rewards Cards is essential for holiday shoppers who have a hard time keeping track of their plastic reward or customer loyalty cards. The app keeps them all – and boy can they accumulate – in one digital place so shoppers do not have to dig through purses and wallets to get a membership discount. Adding cards to the app is as simple as using the built in scanner to capture barcodes on the back of loyalty cards. If shoppers are looking to save even more money this holiday season, they can share cards with friends and family members or enjoy the free coupons that top retailers deliver straight to the app.

Amazon Windowshop

Download Amazon Windowshop Here

 By AMZN Mobile LLC

iPad Only – FREE

Let’s face it, sitting in front of the computer hunched over the keyboard is not a fun way to look for holiday gifts. Amazon Windowshop is an iPad-only app that makes shopping on an enjoyable experience. The interface organizes everything so the browsing experience is appealing. Sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and use the easy to navigate app to browse through all the products and amazing deals that Amazon offers. Shop by department, bestsellers or type the product information directly into the search field.

Amazon Mobile

Download Amazon Mobile Here

By AMZN Mobile LLC

iPhone/iPod touch Only – FREE

Amazon certainly didn’t leave out iPhone shoppers. The Amazon Mobile App allows iPhone and iPod touch users to navigate quickly. Users can compare prices, read reviews and purchase directly through the app. Finding a product on Amazon is as easy as taking a photo, scanning the barcode or typing the product description into the search box. Shoppers can even access wish lists, watch movie trailers, listen to music samples and track recent orders. And save, let’s not forget about those discounts.

ToyHopper- Gift Ideas and Toy Finder from Disney FamilyFun

Download ToyHopper Here

By Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

iPhone/iPod touch Only – FREE

Since toy shopping can’t be avoided, ToyHopper provides shoppers with unusual gift ideas and links to Amazon. ToyHopper is a simple to use toy guide that allows shoppers to browse through pictures of toys. A simple tap on each toy picture brings up important details about the product. ToyHopper provides anyone with a child on their “nice” list with a price, description, age range and sometimes a video that shows how the toy works. The app also has a featured section where one can filter products and find inspiration for a novel, and hopefully inexpensive, present.


Google Shopper

Download Google Shopper Here

 By Google Mobile

 iPhone.iPod touch Only – FREE

Holiday shoppers want the best deals. Shoppers can now find deals quickly with Google Shopper. The app take a picture of the barcode, or users can type the information even use voice recognition. Google shopper pulls up a list of places to purchase the product, and also provides detailed product information. No need to worry about accidentally missing a deal because the app stores previous searches.


Download Lowe’s Here

 By Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

iPhone/iPod touch Only – FREE

People often consider tackling projects during their holiday vacation. The Lowe’s app is for the handy man or woman who needs inspiration or tutorials for finishing projects. Lowe’s provides how-to videos, product reviews and an online shopping catalog. The app can even provide shoppers with driving directions to the closest store and scan items with the app when they arrive.


Download eBay Here

Download eBay for iPad Here

by eBay Inc  - FREE

Shoppers can find anything on Earth by searching for it on eBay, but shop soon because shipping, especially internationally, can take time. If you need extra holiday cash this year, create an eBay account and sell your stuff online. If you never want to miss the chance to win an auction, the eBay app sends alerts directly to the iPhone when you are outbid or when an auction ends. eBay can also compare prices with its barcode scanner, and share scores with friends on Facebook and Twitter.


Download Groupon Here

Download Groupon HD (iPad) Here

By Groupon, Inc. – FREE

One way to save, as savvy shoppers already know, is getting in on a group discount. Groupon allows shoppers to find the best discounts on everything from pizza to dance lessons and friends to share the deals with. Find holiday gifts this year with Groupon’s annual winter celebration known as Grouponicus. Use Grouponicus to find the best gift deals or send a deal to a friend or family member. Groupon sends deals to users directly through the app or to an email account.


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