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Tilt Otto To His Spaceship In Turntales For iPhone And iPad $0.99

Tilt Otto To His Spaceship In Turntales For iPhone And iPad

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Turntales from Torben Fugger, is a puzzler based on gravity and logic. While easy to pick up and begin, it is very difficult to master, and is a truly enjoyable game. It is compatible with all iOS devices.

Turntales is a gravity based puzzler, in which players must help the alien character navigate a a walled arena. Movement is completed by tilting and tipping the iPhone, and moves must be planned in advance to ensure the correct powers and equipment are available if necessary. The game is aimed at anybody, as it is easy to get into, fun to play, and challenging enough to deserve a place on anybody’s iOS device.

One very endearing feature is how well Turntales assimilates players with the various powers and equipment pieces in the game. There is a gradual introduction, one concept at a time, rather than all of them being thrown at the player at once, which can be found in some games.

Aside from this, Turntales is great in its own right. The gameplay is addictive, yet never annoying and the colors and characters are great to behold. The levels also load quickly after an incorrect move, negating frustrating waiting times and allowing players to get straight back in.

Turntales could, like any game, improve in some areas. There could be the addition of a storyline to draw a player in even more, but this is a very superficial downside to an otherwise excellent game.

Turntales is the perfect game for anybody who needs a challenging puzzler, a game that’s different or just wants to play a game that integrates very well with the iOS devices native features.


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  1. This app looks awesome!

  2. Classics game. Thanks a lot.

  3. Sounds like fun!

  4. Good stuff!

  5. I love classic game. Please pick me.

  6. Cool!

  7. Looks like classic bombman game (from the ss).
    Hope to win. Thanks.

  8. nice tilter

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