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Brilliant Artwork And Heartwarming Story On iOS With Billie The Unicorn In 3D $4.99

Brilliant Artwork And Heartwarming Story On iOS With Billie The Unicorn In 3D

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Children and parents alike are going to fall in love with Billie The Unicorn in 3D. This universal book by Mobad Games merges stunning artwork with a delightful story to share the tale of Billie as she finds true friendship and purpose in life.

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Kids follow Billie as she meets up with her cousins in the forest where she learns about growing beautiful magic flowers. Not feeling satisfied, she moves on to the Queen’s castle, but things aren’t always as wonderful as they seem. She quickly learns that friendship is more important.

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Billie The Unicorn in 3D offers children the two basic reading options; read to me or I can read. In either option, pages are advanced by the child by tapping the forward arrow. On each page there are hidden surprises as well as animation. To view the pages in 3D, children just have to tilt the device slightly. The 3D effects are amazing and add to the beautiful artwork.

As words are narrated to the child, they are highlighted to build word recognition. When the narration is finished, children can tap on a word or multiple words to have them repeated. For the younger children, hints can be turned on so that they can see where the animation is hidden on each page. Parents can also turn on the auto advance feature which allows the book to be viewed almost like it was a movie.

Between the gorgeous artwork, 3D effects, and the charming story, Billie The Unicorn 3D will become a favorite for every family who downloads it. The navigation is simple enough for my two year old to enjoy and some of the animation is silly, but adds to the story instead of distracting from it. youngsters enjoy finding the hidden objects within the pages –the competition between them sometimes had them tapping the iPad a bit too hard though!  The artwork alone in this book is worth adding to the library, but the story makes it that much better.


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  1. WOw, this app looks awesome. My boys love interactivity and this app sure does have it. The illustrations look amazing! We would love to win a code for this great looking app!

  2. My daughter will love it so much. Great ebook. Thanks

  3. I’d love to enter for a promo code – apps that read individual words when tapped are still hard to find sadly, and this is such an important early literacy feature!

  4. Thank you for introducing this wonderful eBook and thank you for the chance to win it.

  5. 3D is very cool!!

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