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Chillingo Releases Hank Hazard: Stuntman Extraordinaire $0.99

Chillingo Releases Hank Hazard: Stuntman Extraordinaire

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Chillingo and Red Rocket Games, Inc. have released their latest physics based puzzler, Hank Hazard (iPhone and iPod touch only) . Hank is a hamster that dreams of being the rodent version of Evil Knievel. A stunt hamster in the making, Hank Hazard keeps players coming back for more.

Players must guide Hank through over 90 levels collecting stars and golden nuts. But, just getting through the level isn’t always what it’s about. Each level players need to complete a certain goal to get the most points. Some levels require Hank to finish at a certain speed; others require him to finish in a certain number of moves.

The levels start out easy, but each one gets progressively harder. Fire pits and electrical fields become some of the obstacles players need to stay away from, or risk losing Hank. To help him move, Hank encloses himself in his hamster ball. Players must break blocks by tapping them and sometimes use weights to ensure Hank Hazard gets his stars and nuts.

Hank Hazard offers gamers a challenging puzzle game with hints of arcade gameplay as well. Although Hank himself is a cute, buck-toothed character, don’t be fooled. He is determined to be the next great stuntman. Rolling through the levels, players will be coming back for more. 

The controls are simple and the beginning few levels offer some help. Although I am not a huge gamer, I had a blast playing Hank Hazard. I loved the faces he made as I put him through the levels, and the challenges each level gave me. They weren’t so hard I gave up, but not easy enough that I was bored. This game does port nicely to the iPad.

Chillingo has hit on their hands with Hank Hazard. The physics based puzzle mixed with arcade style game place and the addition of an adorable character will bring players back. Players will get hooked quickly and their fingers will be tapping to help Hank reach his stuntman dreams.


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  1. Hank Hazard is like a Ground hog’s day gone wild! Would love it.

  2. Awesome!Hope to win!

  3. Looks like very fun.

  4. Very cute!

  5. Count me in:)

  6. I love puzzle game.

  7. It’s my fav.

  8. Wow, looks cool.

  9. This is a really fun game.

  10. That’s cool for my children.

  11. Time killer maybe.Let me try:)

  12. Fun physics game would love to get this!

  13. Awesome game. I’d love to win a promo code. Please.

  14. Interesting game from the company

  15. I want to win this promo code
    +1 as Mohaimin Zack on Google+
    Tweet and ReTweet as @muminzack

  16. I’m in!

  17. Spread the love! Hank’s STUNTASTIC!

  18. I’m always up for a new Chillingo game.

  19. Woo, hope I win :D
    Heard this was a great physics puzzler.

  20. GO HANK! *wishes to win promo code*

  21. Chillingo + physics puzzler = awesomeness!
    Hope I win!

  22. Nice!Nice!Nice!Nice!

  23. pretty cool

  24. Brilliant!


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