Wave Crasher: Ride Waves While Listening To Your Favorite Tunes

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Wave Crasher (universal)  by Magmic Inc. is an addicting casual game that lasts as long as your favorite song. In Wave Crasher, gamers are able to play along with their own iTunes music to try and reach the highest score possible.

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Collect CoinsLevels are generated based on the songs that players select. Having a huge music collections means that gamers have virtually thousands of levels to complete. The length of a level is dependent on the song itself. Since all levels are centered around achieving the highest score, there’s really know way to actually fail a level besides by not breaking your previous score.

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The controls are easy for anyone to master. Sliding a single finger up the screen causes the waves to rise, while sliding a finger down makes the waves fall. Gamers must raise and lower the water in an attempt to collect as many coins as possible. Moving waves up too quickly may result in Ryder flying high on the screen, while lowering the waves causes him to fall rapidly.

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The object of Wave Crasher is not only to collect as many coins as possible to get a high score, but to collect the blue stars along the way. The stars add score multipliers – needed to climb leaderboards. Gamers can reach up to a 64x multiplier, but don’t miss even one star to keep it that high.

High Waves

Players try to beat their own scores or compete with their friends in Game Center. Wave Crasher has achievements, adding replay value. 

Wave Crasher also features a free Song Spotlight and featured artist selections linked to iTunes for purchase. 

While Wave Crasher generates new levels based on songs, the background never changes a whole lot. A change in scenery would add be nice. However, the waves and coin positions change on every level and match the songs pretty well so don’t expect to become bored quickly.

With its graphics that look great on the retina display and the ability to preview songs within the game before purchasing them, Wave Runner has all the bells and whistles. The ability to discover new music with the Song Spotlight is a major bonus, which makes this a great pick-up for music-loving gamers.


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