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NY Zombies 2 Review – An Atmospheric Shooter For iPhone & iPad $0.99

NY Zombies 2 Review – An Atmospheric Shooter For iPhone & iPad

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NY Zombies 2 (universal) by Foursaken Media is the long-awaited sequel to the ambitious NY Zombies - a first-person shooter many still consider one of the best undead-filled titles on the platform. It’s been a long wait, but a worthwhile one: NY Zombies 2 is a fantastic sequel, a deep, moody adventure into a mostly abandoned, post-apocalyptic New York.

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In the game, players control a survivor who – like most protagonists in the zombie genre – wake up to find themselves in a world of chaos, where dead people are walking around eating others. After escaping from an apartment, players will work their way through dozens of different missions, trying to find other survivors along the way. Pretty standard premise, but the deep RPG-esque elements and game atmosphere separate it from its counterparts.

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Completing each mission awards a combination of cash and skill points to be distributed by the player. Cash is used to purchase and upgrade new weapons, with the skill points being split up distributed amongst three different skill trees. Without having to worry about stockpiling ammo, each mission increasingly relies on strategic uses of different weapons – anyone who played the original knows that managing reload times between weapons is the key to survival in a NY Zombies game.

The controls could be a sticking point for some, taking a few twists on the typical FPS controls most iOS games employ. Shooting from the hip is less accurate than pressing the button to bring up the iron sights, and not just because of the game design: tapping on enemies while trying to shoot from the hip is difficult. It also makes changing between weapons tedious, having to re-sight a new weapon while another reloads – something that can be cumbersome with a very small button to bring up said sights.

The left movement stick works well, employing a double-tap function to turn around 180 degrees, with the right thumb used freely to navigate point of view and line of sight. Unfortunately, I ran into some consistent problems where tapping on the screen to fire was registering as an attempt to move, and there’s been a few times I was quickly overrun simply because I couldn’t get my weapon to fire, for what appeared to be inexplicable reasons. 

As expected, NY Zombies 2 is a major step up from the original, with crisp high-definition surroundings and smooth – if not simple – zombie animations. There are some noticable clipping issues where zombie models will run through each other and into objects in the environment, but besides from the occasional graphical glitch, the amount of mayhem on-screen at any given time is pretty impressive. The game’s soundtrack is particularly impressive, quiet and minimalistic, creating a very tense, unsettling atmosphere to play in.

After a few hours, NY Zombies 2 really begins to take off, introducing some awesome weapons and challenging missions to conquer. There’s also a survival map, with a co-op mode for friends who want to splatter some zombies team-style. With Halloween right around the corner and zombie games in the App Store becoming a tired concept, NY Zombies 2‘s quality and depth make it a must-own for fans of the undead, and FPS gamers looking for something fresh on their iPhone or iPad.


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