Make7! Hexa Puzzle Game Review Free

Make7! Hexa Puzzle Game Review

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Counting to Seven was Never More Challenging… or Fun!

Block matching puzzle games and puzzlers featuring hexagons have become ubiquitous among the free games on mobile devices. That’s what makes Make7! Hexa Puzzle, by rising-star developer – Bitmango – a real stand out. Make 7! may look like other games you’ve played with minimalist graphics and simple premise, but once you dive in you’ll find the gameplay both stimulating and thought-provoking.


Make 7! is simple. You are presented with a large black hexagon divided into 19 smaller ones. The game generates a one or two-hex playing piece with color-coded numbers that players can rotate by tapping arrows that encircle the piece and then place it on the empty board.The first piece is always a one or two and it’s your job to rotate and place tiles so that like numbers and colors are adjacent to one another.

Once you have aligned three or more like hexagons they merge becoming a single tile one number higher than the previous combo taking the spot where you placed the last piece. The numbers don’t rise endlessly. The goal, as the game’s name suggests, is to make combos until you can merge three sixes and make a seven.

Once you’ve done so the seven tile stays in place while you continue to make other matches lining them up so that eventually you get three sevenss adjacent to one another. When that happens all the tiles on the game board surrounding that seven explode and vanish, therefore freeing up space so you can continue to make combos and earn points.

Extra Goodies

There are power-ups you can use if you’ve earned enough coins (or bought some via IAP.) You can throw out a tile, swap tiles or use a hammer to break a piece in your way.

There are also two locked variations of Make 7! that can open with the same in-app currency. “Blocks” has a bigger playing field and you see three pieces at a time but they don’t rotate and “bomb” as you might expect, introduces an explosive element to Make 7! It took me under an hour of playing to earn enough coins by watching ads and playing the game to unlock both.


The minimalist graphics are easy on the eyes and the super-simple tap and drag touch controls work perfectly. Also, Make 7! Takes up very little space on your device and no internet access is necessary to enjoy it.

But what’s most appealing about Make 7! is that if you never spend a penny of real or game money, you’ll still find it an addictive little treat you can play for a few seconds or a few hours. The tiles are randomly generated so no two games play out the same way but as you practice you pick up tricks to making bigger combos and earning higher scores. Add two additional game modes and you wind up with a ton of replay value without additional cost.


  • Elegant UI
  • Simple premise
  • Lots of gameplay


  • Lots of ads and in-app purchases


Final Verdict:

Make7! Hexa Puzzle is a winner. This free puzzle game will appeal to players of all ages and skill levels. Download it now and give it a try, but don’t blame us if you find you can’t put your down for a while afterwards.

Download Make7! Hexa Puzzle for Android on Google Play Here

Download Make7! Hexa Puzzle for iOS (iPhone iPad, iPod touch) on the App Store Here

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  1. Definitely will have to try this out. I played Threes! and enjoyed that but this looks even better. I like that is minimalist like you said, very crisp and clean.

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