Philm – Fun Free iOS & Android Video Editor Review Free

Philm – Fun Free iOS & Android Video Editor Review

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Philm is a gem of a video editor that works equally well on iOS and Android and is ideal for anyone who likes posting short clips to social media. It’s a great tool too for people who just want to jazz up their photos. With dead simple directions and intuitive interface Philm unleashes your inner J.J. Abrams. OK, maybe not Abrams, but this free app allows you to add lots of cool special effects to video clips and photos. And it couldn’t be simpler to use.

How it Works:

Philm lets you to either capture new videos and photos via the app, or you can access anything you have stored in your photo gallery. Once you select your media the app then prompts you to crop the videos and select the order in which they will be stitched together.

After you have your basic film things start getting fun. Philm has almost 40 built-in filters you can apply in real time if you are shooting fresh video or you can add one after the fact. Admittedly many filters are basic like black and white, fades, and cartoons and some seem almost identical to others.

But there are also some inventive and interesting artistic effects based on famous artists from Van Gogh to Kusama, however, ensuring plenty of originality. Just tap to try different looks.

What We Love

Of course that’s not all Philm can do. On top of the video clip are three icons – one for stickers, one for text and a final one for music. The Text and Music options are what you would expect. You can pick your font and color for writing and opt for preset music or songs from your device.

The stickers are the coolest feature though. There’s a nice assortment of them and once you select one you can “Pin” it to a subject in your video. The sticker then tracks motion keeping the embellishment in place. It’s really cool!

What We Would Like To See:

The thing we most want isn’t a change but rather a promise that this amazingly fun video editor stays free from IAPs. A greater variety of filters would be great too and it can be a tad confusing to figure out how to control the audio, but just poke in the music setting section to find how to replace the default music for other tunes from the app, your own music, or use a slider to remove any audio except that from the original videos.


Philm is one of the most polished, fun, and functional amateur video editors I’ve seen. The app is not just free to download either. You get the whole package without ads or pushes to make micro transactions. On top of all the free goodies, the developers are responsive to user comments and complaints. The app is updated regularly to address user concerns and suggestions.

If you share photos and videos on social media and are looking for a way to make yours unique Philm is a must-have videography tool.

Download Philm for iOS using the link below or click here.

Download Philm for Android on Google Play here.

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