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The 65+ Best iPhone & iPad Games Gone Free This Weekend

OK so you saw out Black Friday lists (we hope) and know tons of games and apps have been discounted or gone free for the weekend. But, over 2000 games are free right now for any number of reasons. We went through as many of them as we could and weeded out the 67 (we think!) best iPhone, iPod touch and iPad games that usually charge, but are, at the time of posting free.

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These sales can change quickly though and some of the entries have been free for a while so be sure you down check the price before you click. And enjoy the savings and gaming! If we missed a great freebie please leave a note for other readers in the comments.

Check out our top 160+ of the HOTTEST games from the biggest publishers on sale now here


Veggie Samurai:Uprising $.99-FREE -Editor’s Pick

Hungribles $1.99-FREE

Greats : The War of Reversi $1.99-FREE

Brain Games 3 IN 1 Deluxe $1.99-FREE

RoomBreak: Escape Now!! $2.99 FREE

Fortress Under Siege $.99-FREE

Fortress Under Siege for iPad $.99-FREE

LED Basketball 78 $.99-FREE

Grenade Warrior $.99-FREE

One Man Army $.99-FREE

Space Ship Ion $1.99-FREE

Robokill $.99-FREE

Little Lambs -a brain puzzler- $.99-FREE

Dark Nebula – Episode One $.99-FREE

GoGo Tunnel Runner $.99-FREE

1112 episode 01 – $4.99-FREE BEST SAVINGS

1112 episode 01 HD $6.99-FREE BEST SAVIGSS

Space Station: Frontier $.99-FREE

Safari Party $1.99-FREE

Brutal Labyrinth HD $1.99-FREE

Sentinel 2 – Earth Defense $.99-FREE

Chillingham Manor $.99-FREE

Sentinel: Mars Defense $.99-FREE

Async Corp. $.99 – FREE

Hooga $.99-Free

Hooga HD $2.99-FREE

WhatsFish HD $2.99-FREE

Zombie Parkour Runner $.99-FREE

Seven Stars 3D Full $.99-FREE

Finger Trouble $.99-FREE

Lords of War $.99-FREE

Control Craft $1.99 – FREE

Cell Bound $4.99-FREE BEST SAVINGS


Spacelings $.99-FREE Editor’s Pick

Kroll $.99-Free

Night of the Living Chicken $.99-FREE

Sports Car  Challenge $.99-Free

Stupid Zombies $.99-Free Editor’s Pick

SDBALL  $2.99-Free

RuneMasterPuzzle - $1.99-FREE – Editor’s Pick

Bowling 10 Balls $.99-FREE

Jungle Crash Land $.99-FREE

Mortal Skies 2 $.99-Free

Navigation Trade 2 $.99-FREE

Blobs Attack! $1.99-FREE

Fragger $,99-FREE Editor’s Pick

Burn the Rope Worlds $.99-FREE - Editors Pick

Jump and Splash $3.99-FREE

Turtle World $.99-FRE

Cyclix $.99-FREE

Apache Overkill $.99-FREE

TO-FU: The Trails of Chi HD $2.99-FREE  Editor’s Pick

TO-FU: The Trails of Chi $.99-FREE  Editor’s Pick

Army Defense 2 $.99 -FREE

1000 Heroz HD $1.99-FREE

Aces Hearts $.99-FREE

Death Rider HD $1.99-FREE

Tiny Robots $.99-FREE

Brickshooter Egypt HD (premium) $6.99-FREE BEST SAVINGS Editor’s Pick

Fling a Thing $.99-Freesee review here) Editors Pick

The Last Defender HD $1.99-FREE

Angry King Kong $.99-FREE

Duck Hunter Crazy HD $1.99-FREE


Placement on this list is not an endorsement nor is the order of any significance. 

†Prices subject to change with warning so be sure to double check before you hit the Buy button.

AppTudes Top Five: Free iPhone Apps For Black Friday Shopping And Saving – Extended Edition

If you are shopping for Black Friday you are already probably up and bargain hunting. AppTudes has the best apps to help you find the best deals


BFAds.net Black Friday

Download BFAds.net Black Friday Here 

by By BFAds, LLC

iPhone iPod touch only – FREE

 This app keep shoppers informed of every new sale specifically for this day. It has all the biggest stores and is updated all the time.

Amazon Mobile

Download Amazon Mobile Here

by AMZN Mobile LLC

universal – FREE

 If you are looking for the best deals from the huge online retailer, this is the app to have.

RedLaser — Barcode and QR Code Scan

Download Red Laser Here

by eBay Inc 

iPhone iPod touch only – Free

The best deals all year can be found using your iPhone as a barcode scanner and this one from eBay has so many features it is the best choice. Bring it out with you today to see if you are really getting the lowest price.


Shopping by The Find

Download Shopping by The Find Here

by TheFind.com

iPhone iPod touch only – Free

The Find’s Motto is “Every Store All at Once” and that is what you will get. Gifts for everyone on your list and amazing prices. 


Best Buy

Download Best Buy Here

by Best Buy Co., Inc

iPhone iPod touch only – Free

If you are reading AppTudes you probably like gadgets, computers and other electronics, so where better than Best Buy to find everything a geek could want. This app let you find their best Black Friday deals and during the rest of the year too.

Bonus App For Our Parent Reader Looking For The Right Gift For The Kids:

Toys “R” Us

Download Toys “R” Us Shopping – iPhone iPod touch Here

Download Toys R Us – iPad Here

by Toys”R”Us – FREE

There are so many parents who visit AppTudes, we had to make sure you knew that Toys R Us has an app for iPhone and one for iPad. I don’t think they need much explaining, but they can make the toy shopping a lot less stressful. 

Bonus App For Cyber Monday Online Shopping Deals

TGI Cyber Monday

Download TGI Cyber Monday Here

by Swagger Media LLC

iPhone iPod touch only – FREE

Everyone knows the deals don’t really end on Black Friday, stores will be having sales every day until Christmas. But the day for online shopping is Cyber Monday – this coming Monday online stores will be hosting the shopping party and the app will make sure you have the best deals from all the biggest savings on the internet.

Happy Shopping!

Flick Home Run For iPhone Hits It Out Of The Park

Contest Closed

Flick Home Run ! by infinity Pocket (iPhone and iPod touch only) is  great new flick sports game that allows players to use their finger to hit balls out of the park.

The premise is simple – players swipe or flick left to right trying to hit the baseball they have just been pitched.  A meter up top shows the number of pitches left. If for instance one misses on a pitch then they will lose some and once the bar is gone the game ends.

Hitting a home run usually increases the meter. Mammoth home runs will increase the bar even more. Much like real baseball there is no real pitch limit. Hitting one huge home run after another adds playtime.

My winning technique is a combination of timing flicks and trying to read the pitches that are thrown. Swings can be practiced it all comes down to the stroke and timing. This is tricky because there are twelve different pitches including the standard fast ball, change-up, fork ball, super heavy ball, and floating ball.

At the end of each game players are awarded  experience points that once accumulated can be used towards upgrades such as batting power, batting control, and batting vision. This adds a replay value as players are rewarded with more experience with practice.

The games graphics suit the game perfectly.  The field, balls, home run fence, sky – they look good and don’t distract from the need to hit a moving object on the screen.  Each different pitch is graphically depicted and helps batters to know what has been thrown, i.e. the fastball is a red flamed bird.

The game has five different modes: Minor & Major, which are unlocked to start and over time Moon-Star where gamers try for a record with the nine balls. There’s also a Training Mode and multiplayer action via Game Center. 

This is a fun and addictive game, but it has two big issues  One the in app purchases upgrades they seems exorbitant, charging as much as $9.99 for extra batting power, bat control and batting vision etc. This is already a paid game, and I’d rather pay more for it and get access to everything, but this is a top-grossing game for a reason – the purchases are hard to resist.  

The second is the lack of support for left-handed  players. Lefties, or should I say switch-hitters, have to flick left to right, which is just awkward.

Besides these two small issues, I had a great time playing Flick Home Run ! The game is rather addictive and playing just one more game before bed threatens to become routine.


Contest Closed

Worms Crazy Golf Is A Wormhole In One

Contest Closed

Worms™ Crazy Golf HD  (sold separately for iPhone and iPod touch) from Team17 is a crazy fun hole in one for the Worms franchise.

Worms Crazy Golf is the new humor filled golf puzzler that has been relapsed for iOS. Players take control of a  worm , selecting  club, aiming direction and selecting stoke strength all while trying to sink the ball in the lowest possible amount of shots. This is challenging as the course layout is crazy, as the name implies.

The course design is similar to Super Stickman Golf, where players not only have to deal with distance, but they also need to navigate obstacles, barriers and different plains of play.

The graphics look great with colorful detail being paid to the backgrounds and overall look of each level. Fans of previous Worms games will find the graphics familiar and pleasing to the eye. Obstacles and barriers standout and are usually depicted as enormous cliffs, mountains, waterfalls, water hazards and caverns.

The game features a single-player career mode with three unique 18 hole courses: Britannia, Pirate Cavern and Graveyard all with Trophy achievements. There is also a single-player challenge mode with 15 challenges that include leaderboards. Bonus challenges in levels are filled with humor and sarcasm. Worms Crazy Golf also features Game Center integration and hot-seat multi-player gaming for up to four, allows players to be immersed in the Worms’s world.

I really like Worms Crazy Golf on my iPod touch, and love it on the iPad where it has additional content – an extra 18 hole crazy golf course – the surreal and very colourful ‘Carnival Course’.  

I found myself going back for just one more level,  The games easy pick up and play design combined with rich graphics and humor make this a must buy for any puzzle or golf fan. 


Contest Closed

Pixel Ranger Is A Blast From The 8-Bit Wild West Past

 Contest Closed

Pixel Ranger, by Metro Games and published by Chillingo (iPhone and iPod touch only) is a retro shooter that’s a blast to play, pardner.

Pixel Ranger is a port of the popular Facebook game that shares the name. Players control the pixelated cowboy and must shoot anything and everything that moves in this colorful action-packed title.

The game leads off with a mini-cinematic done 8-bit style. There’s not much of a story – aliens come and take our cowpoke’s girlfriend away and off he goes, gun-toting, to seek revenge and save the damsel in distress.

Every enemy destroyed drops valuable pixels. Players must collect them  to score more points and replenish ammo. Run out of pixels and it’s game over. While the action is fixed on one screen, the game has a side-scrolling platformer feel.

There are over 50 levels populated by 73 enemies with various destructive capabilities. The game has two modes. The first is Classic, which goes level by level with succesful completion of one unlocking the next.

There is also an Endless mode to unlock after completing the first world, which, as the name suggests, sets players on a shoot-out that lasts for as long as they down enough baddies and collect the pixels they drop while staying unharmed.

Players control the game by tilting the device and fire and jump by tapping the screen. The controls are the only downside, especially as the game get hectic. With enemies firing back on later levels, and things crawling below to jump over, the control scheme can be hard to manage particularly when trying to shoot mid-air.

That said, I think a lot of young gamers have no idea how hard real arcade games of the 8-bit era were.

This difficulty level may put off some, but I kind of like my games hard. How far did you get on the first arcade Donkey Kong? Be honest, now.

But, we kept on playing. Pixel Ranger’s graphics and sounds are full of that same tough retro goodness. It just has an authentic vibe.

Pixel Ranger is a fun and challenging game that harkens back to golden age or the arcade. Gamers will enjoy the old school look and feel. If a high difficulty level presents a challenge rathar than an obstacle, then mosie on down to the App Store and pick it up.


 Contest Closed

Epic War TD Pro Is Tower Defence For The Serious Gamer

Contest Closed

Epic War TD Pro, By AMT Games (sold separately for iPad also $.99) is a fun and addictive sci-fi tower defense game for who don’t mind blood and bolts in their TD experience.

Like other games in this category, Sentinel 3: Homeworld  and  iBomber Defense, the object is simple. Players must build towers, upgrade towers and defeat wave after wave of enemy hordes.

Epic War TD Pro has many of the same features that other fixed path tower defense games have, but it executes better than most. Players have the ability to upgrade a tower’s attack damage, attack rate, range of attack and a special upgrade unique to the towers abilities.

The game has the typical turret, rocket launcher, multi-targeting laser, multi-targeting slowdown laser, and the “mega-missile” Each of the weapons has its own unique abilities.

The games graphics and sounds are what set Epic Wars TD Pro apart from many of the other in this genre. Each enemy is detailed and shines on the screen. Enemies can vary from alien insect-like creatures to huge robots, all with distinctive strengths and weaknesses. The music and sounds fit well. Each enemy and weapons have their own unique sound effects and add to the overall atmosphere of the game.

Epic War TD Pro’s interface is intuitive and responsive. Placing turrets on allowed terrain, upgrading weapons and scrolling on the map is effortless. The game’s enemy waves are randomly generated – each play-through is different from the last. The game includes 10 unique levels, five types of towers, 14 distinct enemies, Endless mode on each level, and there is both Openfeint and Game Center for bragging.

Epic War TD Pro is a truly addictive tower defense game that will appeal to new and veteran strategy gamers. Players will be up to the wee hours thinking “just one more level before bed”. With straightforward game design, four levels of difficulty and solid interface players will enjoy playing this one over and over. 


Contest Closed

Flash Forward Flashback Gaming With Another World – 20th Anniversary

Another World – 20th Anniversary, by Bulkypix, (universal) is a  faithful port of the 1991 classic Out of this World, created by Eric Chahi and is a must play for any action adventurer who enjoys  a mix  of brains and brawn.

In 1991 Another World, also known as Out of This World in North America and Outer World in Japan, was a landmark game that stood out from the rest.  It embodied cutting edge cinematic visuals, game design and sound.  The game now has made its way to iOS with out of this world results. 

The game’s story revolves around a scientist, Lester Chaykin, who is accidentally transported to an alien world after a nuclear experiment has gone horribly wrong.  Lester is thrust into this alien world where he must try to survive and escape this treacherous and dangerous environment. 

Players must guide our hero throughout the game. Avoiding obstacles, jumping chasms and shooting enemies is only part of the game. The game emphasizes both action as well as puzzle elements to complete tasks.

The storyline of the game is slowly revealed as players progress in the game which adds to the overall atmosphere. Players will need to dodge, outwit, and overcome a host of alien monsters and deadly earthquakes that plague the alien landscape they now call home.

The controls in Another World are a standout. Players have a choice of integrated touch-screen controls and an on-screen positional D-pad control scheme. Controlling Lester is easy and smooth. The response of each touch transfers seamlessly to the screen.

Players can also switch between Original and HD graphics by simply sliding two fingers on the screen at any time.  Unlike many other action-adventure games on IOS the controls are flawlessly fluid.  

The game feature  three  difficulty modes, Normal, which is easier than original game, Difficult which plays the most like the original and Very Hard which  speaks for itself.

The games exudes atmosphere with graphics and sound that add to the gameplay and help the user immerse themselves into this strange foreboding world.  The graphics and texture are simple but suit the story and game perfectly. 

Each creature on the screen feels scary and there is always a sense of danger that is wonderfully depicted. The sound and music enhance a gamer’s sense that they are truly on far off dangerous alien planet.  When rocks fall in open areas, the sounds echo to convey the hollowness and emptiness of the planet they are on.  The games sound has been remastered and they did a wonderful job.

Another World is a wondrous action adventure that should not be missed by gamer who enjoy their action games with intelligence. With access to Game Center and 13 achievements,  five  languages supported and the ability to switch from HD to old-skool. Another World is a piece of video game history that has been ported and rejuvenated. Get it. 

Chillingo Heads To The Wild West: Cowboy Guns HD

Contest Closed

Cowboy Guns HD developed by C2 Estudio and published by Chiliingo (universal, or available for iPhone only $.99) just moseyed on into the App Store last week. It’s an entertaining duel stick shooter with a great storyline.

As the title implies this is game is based in the old Wild West, pardner, with all the atmosphere and presence of a Sergio Leone movie. Cowboy Guns is a top down shooter with a heart and soul.

Players might notice some graphical and gameplay similarities to such notable games as MiniGore HD, Gun Bros or any of the Lego games, like Harry Potter – Years 1-4 for iOS. But, Cowboy Guns marks an evolution of the genre. It combines much of the basic gameplay of popular shooters, but adds a compelling story and clever narrative to the package.

Cowboy Guns has three game modes: Adventure mode with the great story line, Survival Mode where endless enemies come from all directions and  Bounty Hunter mode where gamers are rewarded for defeating more than 20 wanted criminals.

Players take control of our hero, a lonely gunslinger, who must defeat a notorious gang named the Crimson Jackets who are terrorizing local towns and villages.

Cowboy Guns is a mission based game. Players must track down outlaws, protect towns, defeat ringleaders (boss battles) and collect items such as sheriff badgers. All this to serves to advance story line and allow the player to get power ups, like bigger and better weapons.

The game uses the conventional dual stick style of control. The left stick controls the movement of the hero and the right controls where the gunslinger will shoot.

Players have a variety of weapons to use in order to complete each mission. Initially they’re given a classic ‘ol west six-shooter, but can eventually upgrade to a shotgun and dynamite by completing tasks and finding money.  

The graphics of the game are very good, but they are nothing we haven’t seen before. The backgrounds are well drawn and perfectly suit the time period. 

The frames rate is excellent with smooth and consistent movements with no slowdowns,  which is a big plus for any shooter.

The real stand out, however, is the music. I didn’t see Ennio Morricone get any credit, but his influence is pervasive – each note screams classic spaghetti western. This game looks good and sounds great.

Cowboys Guns storyline distinguishes itself for others in the duel stick shooter genre. The game is not just a simple run and gun, it’s an adventure with a great classic old west storyline. Players will keep coming back just to complete the story. Whether for fans of dual shoots or action-adventures, I highly recommend this  game.

Contest Closed

†Prices accurate at time of posting but area subject to changing without prior warning on the App Store.

Feed Me Oil Oozes Puzzling Fun

Contest Closed

Feed Me Oil
 (sold separately for iPad $1.99) published by Chillingo Ltd and developed by HolyWater Games  is a fantastic physics based puzzler that oozes its oily goodness all over the iPhone. 

The object of the game is simple. Players must use various objects and contraptions to get the leaking oil from the broken pipe to the mouth of an oil guzzling creature.   

The first thing I noticed was the games seems like World of Goo fused with The Incredible Machine.  And that suns it up perfectly. Feed Me Oil takes many elements from both classic games with great results.  

The game setup is the standards complete a puzzle, unlock a level and collect stars thing – a standard Chillingo three star affair. 

At the start of each level, players are given specific items and tools to use in order to get the oil to the creatures mouth. 

Completing a level with less than the allotted items and tools yields a higher score and the possibility of the perfect three star result. 

Feed Me Oil has a unique visual style. Besides visually resembling the games mentioned earlier it has it’s own cartoony look to it.  The backgrounds are crisp and clear with the art style feeling more like a hand drawn crayon drawn by a child with love.

The objects and tools used to complete each task also look great with the same stylish approach. Simply put the game looks outstanding as it is.

The puzzles in the game are well thought out and logical. Players will be able to complete each level with some careful planning and a little persistence. 

Manipulating and placing objects and tools to complete the goal is easy –  other games is this genre should take note of the effective system.  The game has both Game Center and Crystal Network for bragging and sharing.

Feed Me Oil is a superb physic puzzler that will have puzzle gamers up to the wee hours. Great graphics, playing mechanics and music all combine to make this game an instant classic on the IOS. 

Contest Closed

†Prices accurate at time of posting but are subject to change without warning on the App Store.

Xtreme Wheels May Look Familiar But Serves Dirt Bike Physics With Console Graphics

Xtreme Wheels by Bravo Game Studios (universal) is a gorgeous stunt racer that plays almost as good as it looks.

It reminded me of the 1980’s UK TV show called Kickstart, but if that reference is too obscure anyone who has played Redlynx’s Trials on Xbox Live or elsewhere or even Joe Danger on the PSN will notice many similarities to Xtreme Wheels.

Players must navigate obstacles trying to complete the course within a specific time limit. The obstacles that gamers will encounter include assorted ramps, exploding barrels, stacked barrels, treacherous ditches and other more.

The game just looks amazing on iPad. The detailed graphics as seen in the rendering of rider, bike and props are incredibly rich and just ooze high production value.

Bravo claims its 3D – that may be overstating, but there is some depth and a super high framerate especially on iPad 2.

The course is well-balance and speed, but also control over the rider’s position on the bike, is what players need in order to complete the 20 increasingly difficult tracks without breaking every bone in his body!

Explosive barrels line the course and can be friend or lethal foe by boosting speeds and height or bringing a very quick end to a riding career.

Gameplay has solid physics to it across the courses and the game is optimized to for both retina display and the iPad 2′s A5 processor. As Bravo claims the results are near console quality, and not what I expected from an iOS title.

The controls are so simple you hardly know they are there – forward and reverse with a finger the bottom right and most important there’s  a slider on the left to adjust the rider’s position in the bike which controls the physics. The optional use of the accelerometer is helpful.

This is not a race, the goal is to complete each track in all the worlds whose obstacles if not avoided can lead to gory results.  My only wish would be to skip harder tracks, but they are short so I guess having to finish them all has merit and there are a lot of checkpoints.The game has Game Center integration for leaderboards.

Whether players survive as a champion or fall to the ground as a loser, Xtreme Wheelswill win gamers over with its gameplay and visuals, making it an eye-popping experience unlike any other on a handheld device.